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In the mid 1980s the radiator manufacturers began to add top grilles and side covers to the radiators at their own production factories.

It was at this point that we decided to focus more on the radiator market, and hence split the company into two parts, Ulamo Coating BV and Ulamo Metaal BV,

 Ulamo Metaal BV is almost entirely dedicated to the production of metal accessories for the radiator industry we combine the latest manufacturing techniques with integrated quality-control systems are used to guarantee that our products are consistently produced to the highest standards.


The  products that we produce are, various types of front panels, grilles for luxury radiators, grilles

for Low Surface Radiator Casings (LST), casings for horizontal and vertical radiators, side panels for horizontal and vertical radiators, grilles for horizontal and vertical radiators heat reflection shields, towel rails, various types of wall brackets and radiator covers for existing radiators.


We are working according a WCP (world-class performance) program for several years, focusing on excellent quality, short lead times, production flow and other aspects. As a result of the excellent co-operation with our suppliers lead times have already been reduced

by more than 50 per cent in the last few years.

The next step is to come to a "make to order" process without any stock building.

The key to success is" quality, trust and, above all, hard work."


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