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Ulamo - the "Ulftse Lak- en Moffelonderneming" - is a genuine family-run business. Grandfather Jan te Pas established the business in 1961 and was joined by his sons from the beginning. The key to our success: quality, trust and, above all, hard work.
Although exact dates are not known, the business has been in operation for more than 45 years. "Grandfather worked in the work preparation department at the DRU. He was himself a sprayer and understood leaks. Perhaps a strange point, but he also raised posting pigeons behind the house. In 1961, at the age of 50 and with a family of 10 children,  he convinced himself to start something for himself. The start-up costs for the company were paid for through the sale of a few championship pigeons to some people in Germany. With this money he established his first unit at Ettenseweg and equipped it with the necessary spraying tools. At that point all the money was spent and therefore hard work became essential".

Flexible and Willing to Try

In the early days, Ulamo supported the Achterhoekse stove industry which had its hay day in the 60s. Many orders came in via Jan te Pas who himself received orders from DRU (his previous employer) plus other stove manufacturing companies in the Achterhoek area. Things were going well for Ulamo. "Grandfather was a willing, flexible man who could get on with everyone. We could try for weeks to persuade a client but if he visited himself, everything was arranged. He was also loved within the company itself - during this time it was not only 6 brothers that worked for the company, but also people "from outside" the family (personnel from nearby companies who worked during the day by those companies, and for our company in the evenings). These people had therefore two jobs, however nobody complained; it was just typical of that time. Grandfather always said: There is always something left over if you work hard enough". For us that meant we would leave our homes at 6 o'clock on a Sunday if necessary and would be straight to work. Maybe it seems a bit strange, but all six brothers look back very fondly on those times.



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